Everything that one needs to know about unplanned pregnancy

Everything that one needs to know about unplanned pregnancy

Pregnancy is much often referred to as good news. But have you ever thought about an unplanned pregnancy? There can be no bad news as saddening as this one. Unplanned pregnant pregnancy is like an unplanned responsibility forcefully handed over to the parents. Most people have common reasons for not planning a baby or a second child or a third child. And those common reasons are financial constraints or lack of time for partners. Anything might be the reason, but an unplanned pregnancy appears more of a nightmare than anything else. And in this article, we bring you all about unplanned pregnancy and facts related to it. Stay tuned to enlighten yourself completely about it.

The decision of pregnancy:

The decision of pregnancy has to be mutually made by both the parents. But looking at the matter intricately, it is the body of the mother that goes through it all. Hence, a woman must be comparatively more involved in the process of decision making how far pregnancies are unplanned pregnancies are concerned. Unplanned pregnancies should not happen in the first place. But man is nothing but a bundle of mistakes and if you happen to experience an unplanned pregnancy, then you have to decide on what approaches to make.


The decision of the male parent and female parent unanimously leads to the further step. But when it comes to health, a woman often gets confused on what step to take while she is pregnant and that is unplanned. A holistic approach with some tips can be of great help in understanding what to do in this case. A woman must first check whether she is feeling good about the pregnancy or not. If she feels good carrying the baby within herself, then the baby is a spiritual calling and the couple must not go for aborting the baby. But if the mother feels ok to go for an abortion, then the couple must take the recommendation and consultants of experts and doctors to go for the right way of aborting the baby.

Planning the life after unplanned pregnancy:

If you experience an unplanned pregnancy and you could not abort the child for whatever reasons, then moving ahead with your life becomes quite difficult. But one thing that we do not realize is, how problematic your problem can depend on our approach towards it. So you must not look at your pregnancy crisis as a roadblock to achieving your goals. It is rather a period of relaxing detour in your journey. In this part, we bring you how easily you can move on with your life after experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.


The first thing that you should do is subtract and year from your timeline. It will mostly take you to deliver your baby and then move on with your life happily. It is more of emotional turbulence to be lovely parents when you have gone through an unwanted pregnancy. But it is easier when both the parents assist each other and duet cordially. Try to seek assistance and motivation from the people around you and strengthen yourself emotionally so that you can take the responsibility of a child and also achieve your goals. It might appear you as a hurdle now, but once you are successful and you look back at your struggle you will love it and you will consider your child as destiny’s blessings.

Merits and demerits:

Like every other thing, the unplanned pregnancy has its own set of merits and demerits. Let us go through them to have a clear idea about it



  • The first merit is you will have a new member of your family. You can call it ill timing but the new member of your family might be your lucky charm.
  • You can give your child a family other than yours who needs a child and fulfill their dreams. It is pure joy when you are the reason for someone’s smile. And if you are having an unplanned pregnancy then you can place your child for adoption as well.
  • Having a strong relation: pregnancy strengthens the bond between the couples. If you are not sure about your partner, then an unplanned pregnancy can help you with the permanence of your relationship. When you tackle the responsibility of a child with coordination, you become a unit and that adds strength and love to your relationship.


  • Unplanned pregnancies are stressful. It is not normal to go through unplanned pregnancy because you will feel a surge of complicated emotions within yourself. There are also instances where people get affected permanently in their life.
  • If you are going through an unplanned pregnancy and you are not mentally prepared about the process, then you will also have to face some medical challenges. There are other issues as well which are mostly seen in an unwanted pregnancy. Women not knowing about their pregnancy and consuming harmful substances can even affect the health of the baby. This is one of the biggest demerits of unwanted pregnancy.
  • The lack of preparation is one of the major demerits of the process. If you are choosing to own the child and accept your pregnancy, then it is a huge responsibility because you were not prepared and you might also face financial shortcomings due to the coming of the child. You might not be able to raise the child properly because of the lack of resources, which often happens in most unwanted pregnancy cases.
  • Changes in the body: if you are getting pregnant without planning then your body might undergo a lot of changes that you are not ready for. Moreover, your body becomes an arranged and these changes can also be irreversible in your life.

Final Words:

Hence these are a few facts about an unplanned pregnancy. There are many happy and sad stories linked with an unplanned pregnancy. And it is completely on the parents whether they want to end up being happy without it or they choose to be sad about it. There is a wide range of options that parents can go for when they discover an unwanted pregnancy. But like any other issue, having a positive attitude and not being let down by the adversities is a true sportsman spirit and it always pays off.

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