Fun Physical Activities for Children

Fun physical activities for children

It is pretty evident that kids should practice healthy habits, like eating vegetables, brushing twice a day, and going to bed on time. For a parent to make sure that their kids remain healthy, these steps should be followed thoroughly.

This may be shocking to you that, but in the year 2012, more than one-third of the children and adolescents were considered to be obese, and if this pattern continues, around 70 million kids will be affected by obesity in the year of 2025.

With these statistics, it is pretty evident that children need to be healthy and not just follow the 8 pm sleep time. Kids must eat healthily and exercise regularly. Physical exercise is integral not only because it keeps the children healthy and improves children’s mental health. Physical exercise pumps blood through the body and provides energy to the children to think and create clearly.

But the question that arises is how to keep the little ones happy while exercising. Let us take a look at the fun activities that will keep them healthy and entertained.

Follow the leader

This game will never get old, and more importantly, the kids don’t require any equipment to play. The kids have to turn leaders one by one and direct the other to match their moves. You can encourage them to get active by using their imaginations and crawling, skipping, hopping, etc.

Organize a dance party

start your favorite tunes, increase the volume, and start moving and grooving with your kids. You can also switch the lighting, give it a disco, look, and enjoy it. The kiddies can also compete with each other and enjoy the dance party.

Organize balloon games

Kids love balloons, and balloons are a great way of developing hand and eye coordination. Set a timer and then proceed n to challenging the children as to how long they can keep the balloon off the ground. This will not only help them in exercising but also help them in practicing balance and steadiness.

Let us walk like an animal.

Put on some music and ask the children to waddle like a duck, crawl like a bear and gallop like a horse. Organize games and ask the kids to make the impression of animals. These exercises are great as they do the whole body workout and allow the children t experiment and create things on their own.

Walk in the outdoors

Being outside and spending time under the sky makes everyone feel better. By making the children walk outside you will help them in building their coordinating and balancing skills and also develop their muscles. Making children walk on uneven terrain will help them in using different muscles which are not used when the kids are walking on flat surfaces.

Let’s blow bubbles!

A wonderful of giving sensory experience to kids of all ages is bubble blowing. Not only this, but the kids can also learn and identify various body parts. So all you have to do is challenge all the kids to pop the bubbles with their elbows, noses, foreheads, and fingers. Bubble blowing also helps the children learn speech sounds like ‘b” and “p” and helps them move their facial muscles.

Learn how to fly kites

Kite flying is the best when you have to teach various lessons to children. While kite flying, children understand kites’ physics and how they can stay suspended in the air for too long. The children also learn the best kind of weather that allows them to do this activity. It also helps the children develop great hand and eye coordination and helps them improve their motor skills. To make them learn more with this exercise, you can ask the children to design their kites and make them.

Obstacle courses a way to improve physical and mental health

A great way of engaging kids in activities that help them understand risks and build their confidence is obstacle exercises. Children will develop motor skills and also learn fine motor skills. You can ask them to pick cotton balls with tweezers and then drop them in buckets. Ask them to do balancing activities etc.

Organize a Photo scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a dream of every child. Scavenger hunts boost not only the observation of children but also increases their team spirit. To carry out this hunt, you will need photos of things that surround your neighborhood. Now give these pictures to the children and ask them to hunt down the photographers’ places.

Pillow fights!!

Pillow fights are an old age activity and is everyone favorite. Just make sure you don’t use feather-filled pillows and use the other one. Feather filled cushions will have your house covered in feathers.

An obstacle course is the best.

Take some stuff like pots, pans, cushions, and other household objects, now with these construct an engaging obstacle for the children, making sure that its challenging and tires them physically. Kids can climb under the blankets. Do stretching between the couches and coffee table and also can practice summersaults( provided you have a big drawing-room). You can also play this game outside, but make sure that there is enough grass.

Push mom over

This game is meant for small babies. All the parent has to do is stand firm on the ground and make the kids push. Though this game will end up being in giggles and kids laughing tumbling on the floor. But, will also make their whole bodywork and tire them.

Physical movements are significant for developing the overall children’s body. Physical activities not only advance motor skills but also help them in building cognitive abilities. Early childhood is when a lot of children start to discover their physical strength and be ready for new challenges and gain different perspectives.

It is imperative to lay an excellent foundation to learn and increase their physical activity levels. If all this is done at an early age, the kids will be able to maintain this behavior throughout their all n all exercising is very important for the children’s optimal health and well-being.

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