Best Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like to Be a Parent

Parenting is undoubtedly difficult and the challenges that you need to face can make you feel exhausted. There are numerous websites, books that tell you about the good sides of being a parent but parenting has a bad side also that can soak the life out of you. You will not get any time for yourself after becoming a parent, whenever you will go out you have to think about your child. Raising a child is no matter of joke. To give you relief in the most difficult phase of life in this article there are 30 hilarious memes to put a smile on your face. Every parent will find these memes relatable. After reading them it is guaranteed that you will laugh out loud, but don’t make too much noise that can wake your kid up.

1. The Poop Meme

Changing the diaper is not an easy task. If the child poops when you are changing the diaper then that shit is dangerous.

2. Kids Won’t Listen Meme

Kids these days don’t listen to the parents. They will find a way or another to get hurt. This meme sums up the situation.

3. Naughty Kids Meme

After having a kid your ‘me’ time is nothing but gone forever. The meme depicts the struggle of having some quality time.

4. Being A Curious Parent Meme

Once you scold your child what kind of reaction he or she is going to give is unpredictable. The eagerness to know that is the subject of this meme.

5. Tough Parenting Meme

When you have to look after your child and you are alone in the house, then that is nothing less than a war.

6. Sleeping Kids Hillarious Memes

‘Go to sleep’ is not enough for kids. You have to make them sleep and after that, if you make a loud noise then all your hard work goes in vain.

7. Relieved Parents Meme

When you finally manage to go out without your child after becoming a parent, it is a blessing. The feelings are unmatched.

8. Mum & Kid Meme

The kid slowly realizes that the name of the mother is not ‘mum’ but something else and feels like the whole life was a lie.

9. Anxious Mom Meme

Mothers always think that the child is in danger when they leave the kid with the father. This meme ideally summarises the whole situation.

10. Hungry Kid Meme

The kids can start crying at any moment if he or she doesn’t get the thing that he or she is looking for.

11. Starving Kids Meme

Feeding the child can give you a headache. At that very moment, you can only get angry and will scream ‘STARVE’.

12. Cutting Nails Meme

Cutting the nails of the child feels like the whole world depends on you. a small touch to the skin and that scares the child.

13. Bedtime Hungry Kids Meme

You are all set to go to bed and your kid says that he or she is hungry, the feeling cannot be expressed in words.

14. Crying Kids Meme

It happens several times when you are in deep sleep and your child starts crying without any reason just to wake you up.

15. Struggling Parents Meme

You can’t get your child out of the park with just a call. You need to scream at the top of your voice.

16. Parents’ Motivation Meme

This pie chart describes what is required for parenting and what keeps parents going throughout the day and most of the part is unknown.

17. Tired Parents Meme

After working for a longer period when you just sit down to relax and your kid calls your name, that is really annoying.

18. Being A Mother Meme

The life of a mother is summed up in this meme. It depicts what you think you do and what others think you do and what you really want to do.

19. Messy Kids Meme

When you tell your child to clean the room then it can take forever. You will die waiting but the room will remain messy.

20. Puking Kids Meme

Kids can puke anytime, anywhere. When after puking he or she wants a hug from you it is a strict No.

21. Late Mom Meme

You will definitely reach somewhere late if you have a kid in the house. This meme is one of the reasons why.

22. Late Kids Meme

Kids take forever to get ready for any occasion. In this meme, two of the slowest animals tortoise and slow lorries are there to describe that.

23. Frustrated Parents Meme

The most frustrating thing about being a parent is when you cannot find the pair of matching socks for your child.

24. Victimized Parents Meme

If the question is asked how many parents are suffering because of the child then almost everyone will raise their hands.

25. Sleep-Deprived Parents Meme

After you make your child fall asleep and just turns on the other side to sleep and he or she starts crying, you will wish that you die at that moment.

26. Kids’ Dinner Memes

Before having a kid you can eat whatever you want but after having one you are the one who has to eat all the leftovers.

27. Interrupting Kids Meme

When you are having a good time with your husband in the bed and your kid randomly walks into the room asking for something.

28. Technologically Advanced Kids Meme

The kids keep on questioning no matter whether you are willing to answer them or not. That is really annoying when you are doing something.

29. Parents On Social Media Meme

You need to do all your works far away from your children and that also includes social media platforms use. That’s when you realize that you have a kid.

30. Dropping Kids At School Meme

Expectations never match with reality. Dropping your kid to school can be the most satisfying thing sometimes if your kid is a naughty one.


Though the 30 hilarious memes about parenting highlight the issues of being a parent in a humorous tone, parenting is not an easy job. It takes a lot of responsibility for being the ideal parent and offer your kids a suitable life.

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