Is Soap for Swearing Acceptable Today?

Is Soap For Swearing is acceptable Today?

What is a soap for swearing?

In the early days when we were growing up in households that were as strict and disciplined as the military camp itself, our parents might have warned us that if we swear, they will put soap in our mouths. In the current years, that punishment might be considered abuse. There was a parent that got arrested a few years ago for putting soap in her daughter’s mouth for 10 minutes because she used a swear word. The child eventually started vomiting and was admitted to the hospital.

Such ways of discipline might be considered abuse in the current day and age. There are risks involved in such ways. The effect you will be leaving on your child will be one of them. Your child develops a personality as they grow up and learn things from their peers and surroundings. You can harm your child as much as you want for them being a potty-mouthed child, but their personality will then develop flaws from that harm you are inflicting. There are other great and effective alternative methods for teaching your child a good lesson.

Is soap for swearing dangerous?

The act itself can turn out to be not that dangerous, but there are things involved in dangerous activities. The soap in your mouth can release harmful chemicals that can harm your body if ingested. Liquid and dishwasher soaps can cause irritation or diarrhea and vomiting. It is recommended that soap should not be used for bringing your kid to discipline. Those harmful chemicals can cause severe long and short term damages to the body of your child. 

Some kids are smart. They understand what soap is and they should not ingest it. If you force them to do it, they will start fearing you. They will see you as harmful to them and then retract themselves from you. This creates a harmful image in their mind of the people who they are supposed to look up to. You might think that the act is okay and it’s doing them better. That is not always the case. Your child will stop listening to you because they see you as a dangerous person instead of guidance. A punishment this severe is not always necessary considering children cannot think as fast and do not have a sense of good or bad like we do. 

Soap when swearing does not only produce long term physical but also mental damage to your children that can make their lives harder in the long run. When parents grow up in such households, they can either be surrounded by good friends who help them open their eyes to how life can be. Therapy also helps a ton in such cases. But they might reside in very strict and harmful methods to discipline their child. They might feel like it is a good way of going with, but it is not. Physical harm aside, many mental harmful effects are involved in strict parenting. 

Strict parenting and consequence

Many people still believe that strict parenting produces better-behaved children. That is false. Study shows that strict parenting produces children that do not want to take responsibility for their actions and produces worse behaved children. That can be changed when they see the actual world outside of their parents’ house but that does not happen sometimes. That risk should not be taken at all honesty. When the parents are strict all the time, the children learn to do good things because their parents want them to do it. The child does not do good things because they want to do it. 

This lack of accountability of actions does not teach them how much impact their actions have on their lives. They live under the fear of their parents in the early years. If the parents provide them with freedom in their teen years, they just completely lose track of the good and bad. Such hand-holding is not a good thing in their lives. A healthy-minded child is taught that their actions have consequences in ways that are not abused to them. That hurting people with curse words is a bad thing to do. The weight of ethical and unethical can be taught without the use of soap or sandals. 

The child is also left alone with the feelings of anger and sadness when you treat your child that way. That anger and resentment will build up eventually and they will start hating you. Such children might grow up to be depressed and lonely. Their impulses that they start hating as well will always be there. They might hate being angry or sad but as a human, you cannot eradicate these emotions from yourself. Depression is not very present to suffer from. The number of people who go through it keeps increasing each day. 

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Things you can do instead

The first mission for you is to find out why your child is swearing in the first place. When children are young, they usually repeat what they hear. They do not have the sense of what is right and wrong and they just want to play. As they get older, they might use curse words to get attention or as a way of expressing themselves. There are extreme situations, where a child might use curse words as a symptom of oppositional defiance disorder. This is a complicated disorder that is born from a lot of issues. You can always research this but it is recommended to visit a psychologist for more insight. They will show you the way if possible. If you are researching online, you can check the credibility of the website. It is generally not that difficult.

Oppositional defiance disorder is a complicated disorder that stems from a lot of issues. This disorder causes the children to react with anger with more anger. They silence people by over-reacting. This is not a good thing to have and there are many ways of dealing with OOD. You can research more and contact a psychologist for a good solution to it. If you see any behavioral issues with your child, there is no shame in visiting a psychologist. Your child looks at the world with his or her lens. They need some insight into what they learn and they should have it when they require. This insight will help them a lot in the long run as well. If it becomes a habit, they will carry those good habits.

The first step to removing curse words from the dictionary of your children is to remove it from your dictionary. Then you can pay attention to what they are doing. Do not limit their actions, instead teach them what is good and bad. They will realize what they should not do themselves. You can also try calmly talking to them. Ask them where they learned those words. If they can point you in the right direction, they will. You can use that insight to learn and teach them where to start. Telling them that using these words are hurtful and can make others feel bad will make them aware of what they love. They will learn not to use these words in a hurtful manner. That will make them a good person. 

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The conclusion

In the ‘good old days’ maybe it was good to be a strict parent. We all knew that if we swore, our parents will put soaps in our mouths. But generations change. Information travels very fast now and words catch ears as soon as they leave mouths. We cannot live the same way that we used to live back in those days. With strict parenting, there are many harms involved now than there were back then. Soaps have degraded in quality over the years. If you use soap for your child’s swearing mouth, it will cause some very adverse physical harm.

Aside from physical harm, there are many legal terms involved with parenting. Forcing anything in your child’s mouth is abuse. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) deems physical punishment like spanking is illegal. Law says the same thing. If you want to spank your kid, you can. But you should not use it as your first instinct. That is not how it has to go every time. Your child’s in-taking soap goes further than spanking. It poses the risk of physical illness and poisoning.  Ironic, considering soaps have the purpose of stopping the same. 

You can be softer on your child. There are ways to be a better parent and ways of teaching your kid lessons that they will carry throughout their life. When children have better insight on life, they are better when they grow up to live that life. Removing swearing from your pattern will start removing swearing from your children’s patterns as well. They will learn that using swear in front of people who they respect is unethical and sounds bad. The patterns will start from the teachings.

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