Are There Any Tarot Cards That Indicate Pregnancy?

Are There Any Tarot Cards That Indicate Pregnancy?

For a long time Tarot cards have been the center of attraction and surprised mankind by predicting things of the near future in a very fascinated way. Tarot card helps mankind to connect themselves with their higher consciousness and aid in enhancing their inner self, leading to a better life. 

But if the question is raised that “Are there any tarot cards that can predict the pregnancy or can aid in giving insights to children or infants?” the answer is “yes’.

There are tarot cards that can represent your pregnancy just like arrange marriage and love marriage in the future. Nowadays many individuals love to read tarot cards believing that fact tarot reading can enhance their insight and multiple aspiring moms consulting with their tarot decks to acknowledge their pregnancy.

Now discuss some strongest Tarot Cards that can aspiring mom to indicate pregnancy.



“Empress” is one of the most successful Tarot cards if you are dreaming of predicting pregnancy. The reason behind why it is the prominent one when it comes to pregnancy is that the name Empress signifies the meaning motherhood & naturing include fertility, childbirth, and pregnancy and it also represents the literal conception which made it a significant pregnancy card.

Number three is assigned to this card, which in numerology represents the “creation” which means when this card comes up during tarot reading by an aspiring mom doing for her, possibly indicating the baby luck in coming future. Sometimes you didn’t recognize the desire that you are ready to welcome a baby into your world. Well, Empress also helps you in this to realize this is the right time to have a child.



Sun is known as a positive omen for women. Why? The reason behind being positive sing is because Sun is the sign which represents good luck for  “trouble conceiving”.  That means if any aspiring mom was planning a baby in the past and had not been able to conceive due to some physical issue or any kind, if  Sun sing is coming again over again during reading cards by woman planning to have baby, thus it is a positive sign for her and right time to conceive.

If a woman is not able to conceive naturally, this is the right time she should consult with the doctor and take the help of fertility treatment to have a baby hence A Baby! who was always wanted but didn’t come to your life due to some barriers, Sun sign is working for them.



Ace is known as a significant indicator of baby luck that symbolizes the “seed” as in seed in mother womb thus indicating pregnancy. But Ace of wands is not alone enough to indicate pregnancy if the ace of wands coming with another card that represents pregnancy too. Then it is a positive sign towards your parenting goal.

One more important thing is that the Ace Of Wands represents the phallic symbol that portrays males thus if the Ace of wands coming multiple times while reding tarot by an aspiring mom then it’s a sign that hints little one possibly will be a boy.



The page of cups is considered as one of the ancient cards which represent significantly fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. If this card shows up multiple times while reading by aspiring mom then it is a strong indication that you are expecting a baby as this card has been on track from ancient times. Technically all pages of the tarot card represent children but the Page of Cups has its reason to be mentioned there.

Being a sign of love & family pages of cups more specifically indicating the pregnancy. Also, it represents the time of the emotional entity, needy and clingy, and crying behavior. Thus if this card pops up multiple times you could expect that you are going to get in the phase of being emotional, needy, and crying or your newbie can be drawn into or grow this state of mind.



Ace of Swords can be interpreted as a card that represents Surgery, hospital visit, and needle. It has been seen that aspiring moms receiving Ace of Swords during a tarot reading are being subjected to cesarean birth and not giving birth naturally hence it’s a clear indication that if you are receiving these cards multiple times you are going to conceive in coming time.

Ace of Swords is a classic Tarot card that bundles up much meaning thus it is not always the same prediction for readers. It would be very effective if you can manage to record your reading while planning a baby this way will enlighten you to choose the right cards indicating pregnancy for you.



Ace of Cups is just a bit opposite on the significance of Ace of Wands. As the Ace Of Wands portrays the meaning male and indicates the birth of a Male child on the other hand Ace Of Cups significantly indicates the prediction of a female child in the future as its meaning portrays the same thing that is Female. Besides Ace of Cups represents the sing of new love and emotion which can be a clear indication towards pregnancy or childbirth.

Ace of Cups is believed to be a Fertility card that could significantly represent a time of enhanced fertility with the hidden indication of a mother’s womb and a coming pregnancy. Thus it is a positive omen for aspiring mon weather is coming in the present time or future while reading cards by her.



Three of Cups is another ancient cards in the Tarot which symbolize the manifestation of creation. The number three on any cards represents the meaning of creation according to numerology thus Three of Cups best suits this meaning and it also signifies the meaning of new emotion and family. Hence, if these cards pop up while reading can be a clear indication of pregnancy.

This card is a positive sign for adding up a new person in your life while  Two of cups was indicating two of you ( you & your Love), from Three of Cups you can easily draw the picture that both of you is going to add a new person to your partnership and this card also represent your baby shower & child’s first birthday and all the rituals performed for childbirth. This how the Three of Cups is considered as one of the prominent cards to indicate pregnancy for aspiring moms.

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There are many cards in the Tarot which can indicate and are associated with pregnancy and childbirth but above mention, cards are the strongest and can bring trust to the process in reading.

However, believing in tarot cards out of curiosity when you are stepping towards the parenting phase is not a bad idea but being fully dependent on Tarot cards and not consulting with medical practitioners is a blunder. Hence would suggest you after you have done with tarot reading for pregnancy please take a reference from medical science.

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