How to Use a Tampon (Teaching your daughter)

How to Use a Tampon (Teaching your daughter)

Periods are not always easy. It is very normal for your little girl to be sceptical about the sudden changes. Now, as a mother, it becomes your duty to remove all the inhibitions of your child related to this matter. It is very important to let your girl know about all the various alternatives available to be used during periods, one of which is tampons. Tampons can be inserted inside the vagina and they can do their job perfectly by absorbing blood and other secretions during the menstrual period. This might sound a little uneasy to your girl when she hears it for the first time. You can remove her hesitation by telling her the correct way to use tampons along with a few tips and tricks. Continue reading this article to know more about them!

1. Find the Right Size

Tampons are available in all sizes ranging from small (lite), medium (regular) to the bigger (super) ones. The size of a tampon gives an account of its capacity to absorb blood. The bigger the tampon, higher will be its capacity to soak up the period blood. However, your little girl might not be comfortable with a bigger size of tampon right in her initial days. Therefore, you can choose a smaller size in the initial few days for your girl to try. If she gets comfortable, she can start using bigger sizes. However, there is no harm in keeping a stock of all sizes available to use because the period flow is not constant on all days. For most women, there is heavy bleeding in the initial days and it gradually slows down as the days pass. This could be the same for your girl. Using a small-sized tampon, in this case, can lead to leakage, making her hate periods. This is something you should try to avoid. So, always keep a stock of various sizes of tampons handy to be used as per the degree of blood flow.

2. Follow the Insertion Directions

It is very important for first-time-users to carefully follow the instructions while inserting the tampon into their vaginas. You can instruct your daughters to adhere to the steps after telling them the process briefly. Before insertion, ensure that their bladder is empty. This makes the process easier. Tell them that they can do it while sitting as well as standing, as per their comfort. Teach them the perfect way to hold a tampon, that is, by holding the tampon with one hand and opening the vagina with the other. The thumb and middle finger should be used to hold the outer tube of the tampon while placing index finger on the smaller tube. Then very gently the tampon should be pushed inside the vagina. This should be followed by releasing the smaller tube and letting the outer string hang freely after pulling out the two tubes simultaneously. Tell your daughter to make sure it goes in and touches the very end of the vagina. It might not be easy for your little girl to be perfect in the process in her very first attempt but gradually she’ll master the steps and know the right procedure. You must insist on her to follow the steps very carefully as it might be painful for her if done abruptly.

3. Keep Checking

A tampon cannot stay in the vagina forever. It is very important to keep checking its status time and again. Ideally, a tampon should be changed every 2-3 hours if the flow is very heavy, and 6-7 hours in case it is the ending days of your period. You must tell your daughter to remove her tampon and replace it with a new one whenever she starts feeling any sort of discomfort. In case the tampon gets all soaked up with blood, it might lead to overflow and leakage. Make sure you tell your girl about the Toxic Shock Syndrome to make her avoid leaving in the tampon for more than 8 hours at all costs. TSS is an infection that happens due to bacterial growths in your vagina. Leaving in tampons for long periods can be a cause leading to this deadly infection. TSS is accompanied by symptoms like uneasiness, fever, headaches, frequent vomits and low blood pressure. Avoiding this infection is very crucial. Therefore, make sure your girl keeps changing tampons frequently to avoid discomfort as well as infections.

4. Maintaining Hygiene

To avoid bacterial infections during periods, maintaining hygiene is the first and foremost step. Right from the insertion of the tampon till its removal, proper sanitation precautions must be taken. Make sure your daughter washes her hands properly with soap, to remove any germs present on her hands, before fixing the tampon in. The tubes should also be disposed of safely as per the instruction provided on the packet. Also, the tampon must be changed every few hours once it starts feeling heavy. Again, while removing the tampon, it is important to wash hands thoroughly using soap and water. Proper disposal of used tampons is the most important step. Casual throwing off of used tampons can induce the spreading of bacterial infections. Also, you must tell your girl to not flush them otherwise it might lead to the clogging up of toilet. The best way to dispose them off in a hygienic manner is by rolling them up in a paper before throwing them into the dustbin. While doing this process, it is very natural to have touched the soaked area, therefore hands must be washed post the process with soap and water.

5. Removing Tampon

Passing of 4-5 hours, and it’s time to change the tampon! Just like the insertion process, removing procedure is equally important. First of all, there is no need to panic. Panicking only increases problems which might not be good for your inexperienced girl. Therefore, tell your girl to calm down before removing the tampon. This is important to avoid her from performing the procedure in a haste manner. It should be done in a very gentle way. The first step is washing hands using soap and water. This should be followed by sitting or standing in a comfortable position and simply pulling out the dangling string of the tampon. Make sure to follow all the instructions relating to proper disposing off of used tampons to avoid any kind of spreading of infections. Also, using tweezers or other tools to pull the tampon out should be strictly avoided. It can be very harmful to the vagina. This is not at all recommended. Only using clean hands and removing the tampon gently is what is expected and what should be done.


Maintaining proper hygiene while menstruating is crucial not just to avoid uneasiness but also to eliminate the chances of bacterial and other infections. As a mother, you must make sure your girl is not reluctant to using sanitary measures including using tampons. We hope this article was able to give all information relevant to the proper usage of tampons. We wish your daughter a Happy Period!

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