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In order to submit guest post email us at serptrustmarketing@gmail.com

Often people want to create certain types of mommy blog websites. For such people, we are here to give them the perfect opportunity and platform to do so. We at Super Moms Venture are here to give you a chance to publish your own blogs. We are here to provide you a place where you can see your blog get visited by people from all over the world. Many people visit our blogs, and we want to include you in our family as well. Providing content to us regarding almost all topics will get your blog published in our site’s blog section. 

What type of blog do we accept?

We also provide you the chance to add blogs of your own on our website. This means even if you don’t want to register a website or are not planning to create a website, you can even publish blogs of your own on our website. Yes, we do not accept blogs of all kinds, but we accept blogs related to websites and some of the mommy blogs. Blogs related to technology are the most common types of vlogs that we accept.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

We have made it very simple for you to submit your blogs. For registering and publishing your blogs on our website, all one needs to do is email us. Blog writers need to simply write their blog and sent it to our email id, i.e. serptrustmarketing@gmail.com. We read all the blogs that our writers send us, and we try to accept all of them. We publish these blogs in the blog section of our website. We try to keep all our writers happy, but unfortunately, not all blogs are appropriate, so we have to prevent publishing them.

Things to Consider While writing Guest post

There are a few things one must consider before writing a guest post. This section will help you understand some of these points in detail.

Being a regular reader

The most crucial point of writing a guest post is to keep getting updated from time to time on the blog where you will be writing the guest post. Reading the blogs will help you understand what types of blogs are most accepted. Not only blogs, one must read the comments as well. This will help you get the feel of what is most accepted and is more popular. After doing this, you can see that they will have a better chance of their guest post being accepted.

Writing your best

This is a pretty self-explanatory point. This is nothing new to a person who is writing a blog. One must give their all in writing the all. If one gives their all and tries to write the best blog they possibly can, they will receive a better chance of accepting your blog. Writing your best is means doing intensive research, using proper grammar, sentence structure, and blog format. 

Getting ready after posting a guest post

One must get ready to visit their blog from time to time for more updates after your blog gets posted. This means you must make your blog more updated. One must add continuous posts and content from time to time to give your visitors a reason to visit your blog more.

Promoting your guest post

The last thing to keep in mind after your guest post gets accepted is to promote your blog as well as the post. Promoting will help your blog to get more traffic and more popularity. 

Things to Avoid while writing Guest post

  • No planning
  • No research
  • Poor structure
  • Ineffective headline
  • Irrelevant image
  • No lead paragraph
  • Purposeless content
  • Improper grammar

Our Mussion

We want you to bring your best and write interesting blogs for us. We care the least about how experienced you are. We need content, and you need publishers. Let’s meet each of our demands. Send us all your interesting mommy blogs and other content, and we shall publish it on our website for all to see. 

FAQ session

What should I write about?

We want you to write an article almost about everything technology and internet related. We want blogs regarding modern technology and any upcoming news as well.

Where should I send my blog?

You can send your blog to our email id, i.e.serptrustmarketing@gmail.com. We visit our email id every day and respond to all our content creators regarding publishing their blogs.

Do you edit the post?

We do not always edit posts, but in some cases, the blog requires more clarity. In these cases, we bring forth some minor changes to the blog without hampering the overall content. We do intimate the writer before doing the changes.

Our Aim

We often see people eager to open their blog websites but don’t know how to take the first step. People even ask for a place where they can publish their blog for the world to see. This is where we come in. We at xyz.com provide people a place where they can publish their blogs. We aim to provide an easy and effective means of blog publishing for people who wish to do so. Our blog section gives these writers a lot of exposure as our blogs are visited by people worldwide. We also aim to provide young and aspirant bloggers a place to publish their posts and blogs. This place is freely accessible, and all can easily publish their blogs just by emailing the blog to us.

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